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Weird happenings on routine plays

Joey Garrison from Georgia joins to talk about when strange situations happen on routine plays

FNS Pregame - Passing

Review of the passing game and all of the elements within it

A kick is a kick is a kick

Review of a muffed kick with other shenanigans involved, multiple fouls when one occurs at the goal line, and principles on clock watching and hurdling

FNS Pregame - Penalties and flags

Overview of basic spots, all-but-one principle, running vs loose-ball plays, special enforcements - hopefully anything that involves fouls and penalties

Concepts and Absolutes

Short discussion around the two types of calls that we make - those that are absolutes that we should all call the same and those that we all have varying concepts of

FNS Pregame - Inside the head of a wing official

For this pregame episode, step into the thought process of a head linesman and a line judge during two plays.

Phantom fair catches and penalty enforcements - 2019 Review week 2

Review of play scenarios including post-game recovery, horse-collar tackles (or not), fair catches that aren't, false starts that might be, and options on a couple of different penalty scenarios.

FNS Pregame - Free kicks

Pregame episodes take a single topic and dive into them. This episode is solely on free kicks.

Goal line crashes and disagreement on spots - 2019 review week 1

Kicking off the start of football season with the first of many review episodes. Topics include players making themselves legal by going between the numbers between downs, goal line crashing by the wings, wings disagreeing on spots, getting turned around on punts when reporting fouls, unseen DPIs, and taking notes after games.

Overview of ZOOOM (the extra O is for Officials) with Andy Hamilton

Andy from ZOOOM joins to talk about their video platform and how it is specifically designed for officials

Getting excited for the season with Ron Wright

Ron Wright joins from North Dakota to talk about rationale in when to throw a flag, safety fouls, and patience.

Training and evaluation with Brad Brunet and TJ Restau from WMOA

Brad and TJ from WMOA discuss changes they've made to evaluate and rate officials for assigning to games and how training plays into all of that as well

40/25-second play clock rule change

I break down the new rule change regarding the play clock including about 10 play scenarios and how to treat each one.

Recap of Sioux Empire Clinic

Lessons learned from the Sioux Empire Football Officials Clinic in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Summer preparation for season

Prior to heading to Sioux Empire Football Officials Clinic, I share some thoughts on how I'm preparing for the season and what some goals might be.

Game clock handling

A blown situation leads to re-reading of the rule book and time to dig into game clock handling


Quick run through of the various formation rules and how some of the odd formations we see out there cause us to think through the rules.

2019 Rule Changes (not involving play clocks)

Review of the new rule changes for 2019 - all except the 40-second play clock, which we'll cover in a future episode

National Association of Sports Officials (NASO) With Ken Koester

Ken talks about the benefits of NASO membership from Referee magazine, liability insurance, an annual Sports Officiating Summit, and many other great assets.

Whistle in a Haystack with Rick Hartzell and Dave Simon

Author Rick Hartzell and Editor Dave Simon talk about their book Whistle in a Haystack and how officiating can bring life lessons.

Tackling scenarios

Tackling scenarios are the subject of the day regarding horse-collar, face tackling, and spearing.

Referee Magazine with Jeff Stern

Free Kicks with Tyler Spear

Tyler Spear talks about free kick positioning and some momentum and onside kick scenarios

Punts with Mark Bradley

Mark Bradley joins to discuss punts and the various situations that can happen during a punt.

Referee-specific calls with Dan Johnson

Dan Johnson joins to talk about some of the calls that a referee is responsible for and how to start thinking about those situations as a newer referee

Emphasizing more technical content

This is a short episode transitioning to a slightly new format where we'll focus more on breaking down play scenarios packaged together.

Importance of Rule 2 with Jeff Carnes

Jeff Carnes from Gadsden, AL discusses importance of the definitions in Rule 2 and how they impact the rest of the rulebook.

Playoff prep with Jason Carroll

Jason Carroll returns to talk about how he approached playoffs as a referee for a crew that went to a state championship game.

Discovering history with Scott Hanson

Scott Hanson talks about working in the Phoenix area, pick plays, safety, sportsmanship, and two books he has authored about Arizona history related to sports.

Pregames with Josh Canales

Josh Canales from Bakersfield, CA talks about the pregames he's been in and those he's run, what is important to cover, and whether having pop quizzes during the pregame is useful. Starting this week, each podcast will contain about 10 minutes of reading from the rule book at the end, just in case you want another way to consume the rule book. In this episode, we start with Rule 2.

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