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Spring football and other 2020 oddities with Mike Johnson

Mike Johnson joins to talk about spring football, the girls lacrosse podcast that he has co-started, and other oddities of the fall of 2020.

Sprint football and other 2020 oddities with Mike Johnson

Mike Johnson joins to talk about spring football, the girls lacrosse podcast that he has co-started, and other oddities of the fall of 2020.

Pregame - Substitutions

A pregame episode about substitutions and the rules surrounding it.

Pregame - Safety/Touchback

Review of 8-2-5 and how it defines force, safety, touchback, and the momentum exception

Fall 2020 - preparing for a different season

The fall of 2020 will bring new challenges to us. Be prepared for differences ahead of time in order to put your best foot forward.

Why do we do ... ?

I cover the why of 1) HL staying on LOS on punts, 2) working only your zone, 3) wings keying on inside WR while BJ keys on outside, and 4) why BJ has whistle on FG and R has whistle on tries (depending on your crew/association)

The why of beanbags with Tyler Spear

Ohio Gold Book with Dr Bruce Maurer

Dr Bruce Maurer, Director of Officiating Development for Ohio High School Athletic Association, discusses the origins of the Gold Book and what benefits it brings to officials in Ohio

New officials online course offering from Zooom

Zooom has put together officiating course for football and baseball, and are working on softball, basketball, and volleyball.

2020 Rule Changes

A quick rundown of the 2020 rule changes. Overall, a fairly easy year for changes.

Inviting others to virtual meetings

Dave Purvis, Tony Rieck, and Rick Miller talk about starting virtual meetings for their association and inviting others outside the association for other perspectives

Trick Plays with George Demetriou

George Demetriou, author of The Redding Study Guide to NFHS Football, talks about trick plays and the principles and rules around them.

Changing the nature of meetings with Michael Ryckman

Michael Ryckman from the Sunshine Football Officials Association discusses their move to virtual meetings to train new officials and to hold board meetings and other trainings

Logging games with Chad Young

Chad Young, creator of the Official's Journal, talks about logging games to help officials improve

Associations for a New Decade with Tim Kiefer

Tim Kiefer with MIBT Online discusses the training offered there, including training for Illinois state certification and the annual Bill Lemonnier video.

Rules Blitz

Five play scenarios, answered and explained by the listeners, including kicking, out of bounds, sideline interference and more.

Deep Wings with Mike Johnson

Mike Johnson from the Berks County chapter in Pennsylvania talks about deep wings and how they manage their six-man crew.

Gulf Atlantic Collegiate Football Officials Camp with Andrew McGrath

Andrew McGrath from GACFOC talks about what the goal of the GACFOC is and also talks a bit about NCAA and NFL replay

Taxes with David Sheldon

David Sheldon from Zebra Books, LLC discusses what officials should think about when tax season comes and what they should be tracking during the year

Headset basics with LD and Mike

LD and Mike from southern Oklahoma talk about headset and the information they use it for as well as the radio show they have during the season discussing rule questions from the public

In the middle - Umpire position with Jeff Grainger

Jeff Grainger from CFOA talks about the umpire position and the different approach to the game that it entails.

2020 Kickoff

With the year starting off, it's time to review a number of ways you can keep sharp in the offseason - no matter what type of learner you are.

End of season review 2019


Light summary of differences for the LJ and HL with 7-man mechanics and whether playoffs are officiated differently than the regular season

DAFOA offseason with Ryan Walters and Andy Hamilton

Ryan Walters and Andy Hamilton talk about the off-season training meetings they have set up in Dayton and, next year, in Cincinnati.

Pregame - excerpts from Rule 2

We break down some definitions with Rule 2 that may be different from how you remember them - block in the back, clipping, invalid fair catch signal, force, and out of bounds

Illusion of precision

We play a couple of responses to the Des Moines episode and go over why we use a precise indicator like chains when all the actions up to that point, from setting the initial line to gain to spotting the ball, are imprecise.

Des Moines disappointment

A bonus episode portraying my thoughts regarding current incidents in Des Moines and West Memphis

Tack-ons and IWs

Three scenarios: tack-on fouls, how the neutral zone matters for illegal forward passes and ineligible downfield players, and inadvertent whistles.

FNS Pregame: Back judge

A pregame covering the primary responsibilities of the back judge with some play scenarios mixed in

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