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Punts with Mark Bradley

Mark Bradley joins to discuss punts and the various situations that can happen during a punt.

Referee-specific calls with Dan Johnson

Dan Johnson joins to talk about some of the calls that a referee is responsible for and how to start thinking about those situations as a newer referee

Emphasizing more technical content

This is a short episode transitioning to a slightly new format where we'll focus more on breaking down play scenarios packaged together.

Importance of Rule 2 with Jeff Carnes

Jeff Carnes from Gadsden, AL discusses importance of the definitions in Rule 2 and how they impact the rest of the rulebook.

Playoff prep with Jason Carroll

Jason Carroll returns to talk about how he approached playoffs as a referee for a crew that went to a state championship game.

Discovering history with Scott Hanson

Scott Hanson talks about working in the Phoenix area, pick plays, safety, sportsmanship, and two books he has authored about Arizona history related to sports.

Pregames with Josh Canales

Josh Canales from Bakersfield, CA talks about the pregames he's been in and those he's run, what is important to cover, and whether having pop quizzes during the pregame is useful. Starting this week, each podcast will contain about 10 minutes of reading from the rule book at the end, just in case you want another way to consume the rule book. In this episode, we start with Rule 2.

Rule committee evaluation with Will Prewitt

Will Prewitt, a high school official of 22 years and commissioner of the Great American Conference, talks about his time with the NCAA rules committee. We also talk about the mindset of how to handle officiating controversy in public.

Video Review as a part of your toolkit with Tim Kiefer

Tim Kiefer, founder of, describes how the virtual association within MIBTOnline reviews plays on a weekly basis during the season and helps with preparation in the offseason.

Camping in the Dakotas with Sioux Empire Football Officials Clinic

Orrin Anderson, Director of the Sioux Empire Football Officials Clinic, comes by to talk about the Clinic, held June 24th and 25th, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Training throughout the early stages with Mike Bezner

Mike Bezner with the Big Sky Conference and Portland Football Officials Association discusses various stages of training they go through in their association and we talk officiating philosophies.

HS to small college path with Dwayne and Tyler from Rule 11

Hosts of the Rule 11 podcast, Tyler and Dwayne, join to talk about their start as officials, how they got their podcast started, and camps to consider.

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