A kick is a kick is a kick

Review of a muffed kick with other shenanigans involved, multiple fouls when one occurs at the goal line, and principles on clock watching and hurdling

Force - 2-13
Art. 1:
... After a fumble, kick or backward pass has been grounded, a new force may result from a bat, an illegal kick or a muff.
Art. 4:
Force is not a factor:
a. On kicks going into R's end zone, since these kicks are always a touchback regardless of who supplied the force

PSK Fouls - 2-16-2h
a foul by R (other than an illegal substitution or illegal participation foul that occurs at the snap) when the foul occurs:
1. During scrimmage kick plays, other than a try or successful field goal.
2. During a scrimmage kick play in which the ball crosses the expanded neutral zone.
3. Beyond the expanded neutral zone.
4. Before the end of a kick.
5. And K will not be next to put the ball in play.

Possession - 2-34
Art. 2: A ball in team possession is a live ball which is in player possession or one which is loose following loss of such player possession. A live ball is always in the possession of a team.
Art. 3: A change of possession occurs when the opponent gains player possession during the down.

Basic Spots - 10-4
Art. 3: The basic spot is the spot where the kick ends when R commits a post-scrimmage kick foul (2-16-2h). R fouls behind the post-scrimmage kick spot are spot fouls.
Art. 5: 
The basic spot is the succeeding spot:
a. For an unsportsmanlike foul.
b. For a dead-ball foul.
c. For a nonplayer foul.
d. When the final result is a touchback.

Multiple Fouls - 10-2
Art. 2: 
If each team fouls during a down in which there is a change of team possession and the play does not have a post-scrimmage kick foul, the team last gaining possession may retain the ball, provided:

a. The foul by the team last gaining possession is not prior to the final change of possession, and
b. The team last gaining possession declines the penalty for its opponent's foul(s), other than a nonplayer or unsportsmanlike foul.

In this case, the team that was not last in possession has no penalty options until the team last in possession has made its penalty decision on the fouls prior to the change of possession. After that decision by the team last in possession, the team not last in possession may decline or accept the penalty by the team last in possession or choose which foul to have enforced in the case that the team last in possession committed more than one foul following the change.

Hurdling - 2-22
Hurdling is an attempt by a player to jump (hurdle) with one or both feet or knees foremost over an opponent who is contacting the ground with no part of his body except one or both feet.
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