40/25-second play clock rule change

I break down the new rule change regarding the play clock including about 10 play scenarios and how to treat each one.

Image for quick reference 40/25-second play clock

Article 3-6-1 - 
Play clock and ready-for-play:
a. Play clock:

1. 25 seconds will be on the play clock and start on the ready-for-play signal:

(a) Prior to a try following a score;
(b) To start a period or overtime series;
(c) Following administration of an inadvertent whistle;
(d) Following a charged time-out;
(e) Following an official's time-out as in 3-5-7 or 3-5-10, except for 3-5-7b; and
(f) Following the stoppage of the play clock by the referee for any other reason.

2. 40 seconds will be on the play clock after a down other than specified in 3-6-1a(1), and start when the ball is declared dead by a game official.

b. The ball is ready for play:

1. When the ball has been placed for a down and the referee marks the ball ready for play after giving the ready-for-play signal as in 3-6-1a(1);

2. Starting immediately after the ball has been ruled dead by a game official after a down, the ball has been placed on the ground by the game official and the game official has stepped away to position as in3-6-1a(2).

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