2019 Rule Changes (not involving play clocks)

Review of the new rule changes for 2019 - all except the 40-second play clock, which we'll cover in a future episode

Formation requirements

2-14-1: A scrimmage formation requires a minimum of five (was seven) A players legally on their line at the snap.
7-2-5: Player formation and numbering requirements include:

a. At the snap, at least five A players shall be on their line of scrimmage and no more than four A players may be backs.

b. At the snap, at least five A players on their line of scrimmage must be numbered 50 to 79.


  2-45: Tripping is the intentional use of the lower leg or foot to obstruct an opponent below the knee. (REMOVES STATEMENT EXCLUDING RUNNER)
9-4-3o: No player or nonplayer shall... Trip an opponent

Horse-collar area extended

9-4-3k: No player or nonplayer shall... Grab the inside back or side collar, or the name plate area (directly below the back collar), of either the shoulder pads or the jersey of the runner and subsequently pull (backward or sideward) that opponent to the ground (Horse-collar), even if possession is lost. The horse-collar foul is enforced as a live-ball foul.

Illegal batting and kicking penalty

6-2-1 and 9-7: Reduces penalty of illegal batting and kick from 15 yards to 10 yards

Replay in postseason

Allows state associations to create instant-replay procedures during postseason

Uniform numbers change

Minor change in placement of numbers so that it now includes the border of the numbers
More significant change does not take effect until 2024: Effective with the 2024 season, the entire body of the number (the continuous horizontal bars and vertical strokes) shall be a single solid color that clearly contrasts with the body color of the jersey. (Before you could have a border that contrasted and the number could be the same color as the jersey)

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