Tackling scenarios

Tackling scenarios are the subject of the day regarding horse-collar, face tackling, and spearing.

Horse-collar tackle (9-4-3-k):
No player or nonplayer shall... Grab the inside back or side collar of either the shoulder pads or the jersey of the runner and subsequently pull (backward or sideward) that opponent to the ground (Horse-collar), even if possession is lost. The horse-collar foul is enforced as a live-ball foul.

2019 NFHS update will include the nameplate area of the jersey in the definition

Post-scrimmage kick foul (2-16-2-h):

Post-scrimmage kick – a foul by R (other than an illegal substitution or illegal participation foul that occurs at the snap) when the foul occurs:

1. During scrimmage kick plays, other than a try or successful field goal.
2. During a scrimmage kick play in which the ball crosses the expanded neutral zone.
3. Beyond the expanded neutral zone.
4. Before the end of a kick.
5. And K will not be next to put the ball in play.

Forward-pass clarification (7-5-1):

It is a legal forward pass, if during a scrimmage down and before team possession has changed, a player of A throws the ball with both feet of the passer in or behind the neutral zone when the ball is released. Only one forward pass may be thrown during the down.

Face tackling/spearing (2-20-1):

Illegal helmet contact is an act of initiating contact with the helmet against an opponent. There are several types of illegal helmet contact:
b. Face Tackling is an act by a defensive player who initiates contact against a runner with the front of his helmet.
c. Spearing is an act by any player who initiates contact against an opponent at the shoulders or below with the crown (top portion) of his helmet.

Helmet comes off the runner (4-2-2-k):

The ball becomes dead and the down is ended:
k. When the helmet comes completely off the runner.
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