Punts with Mark Bradley

Mark Bradley joins to discuss punts and the various situations that can happen during a punt.

How to Become a Sports Official by Mark Bradley

Referee Magazine

Post-scrimmage kick enforcement

Article 2-16-2-h: Post-scrimmage kick – a foul by R (other than an illegal substitution or illegal participation foul that occurs at the snap) when the foul occurs:

1. During scrimmage kick plays, other than a try or successful field goal
2. During a scrimmage kick play in which the ball crosses the expanded neutral zone.
3. Beyond the expanded neutral zone.
4. Before the end of a kick.
5. And K will not be next to put the ball in play.

Inadvertent whistle during a kick

Article 10-4-2: The basic spot is the previous spot:
c. For a foul which occurs during a down in which a legal kick occurs and an inadvertent whistle ends the down prior to possession by either team.

Kick catching interference

Article 6-5-6: 
While any free kick is in flight in or beyond the neutral zone to the receiver's goal line or any scrimmage kick is in flight beyond the neutral zone to the receiver's goal line, K shall not:

a. Touch the ball or R, unless blocked into the ball or R, or to ward off a blocker; or
b. Obstruct R's path to the ball.

This prohibition applies even when no fair-catch signal is given, but it does not apply after a free kick has been touched by a receiver, or after a scrimmage kick has been touched by a receiver who was clearly beyond the neutral zone at the time of touching.

EXCEPTION: K may catch, touch, muff or bat a scrimmage kick in flight beyond the neutral zone if no player of R is in position to catch the ball.
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