Referee-specific calls with Dan Johnson

Dan Johnson joins to talk about some of the calls that a referee is responsible for and how to start thinking about those situations as a newer referee

Intentional grounding
Article 7-5-2:  An illegal forward pass is a foul. Illegal forward passes include:
d. A pass intentionally thrown into an area not occupied by an eligible offensive receiver.
e. A pass intentionally thrown incomplete to save loss of yardage or to conserve time.

Roughing the passer

Article 9-4-4: Roughing the passer. Defensive players must make a definite effort to avoid charging into a passer, who has thrown the ball from in or behind the neutral zone, after it is clear the ball has been thrown. No defensive player shall commit any illegal personal contact foul listed in 9-4-3 against the passer.

Article 10-5-5: The enforcement spot is the dead ball spot for roughing the passer when the dead ball spot is beyond the neutral zone and there has been no change of team possession.

Coach conference with referee
Article 3-5-11: A player, directed by his coach or the head coach, may request and be granted a time-out for the purpose of the coach and the referee reviewing a decision which may have resulted from misapplication or misinterpretation of a rule, provided the request is made prior to the time the ball becomes live following the play to be reviewed, unless the period has officially ended. When a time-out is so granted, the referee will confer with the coach at the sideline in front of his team box in the field of play. If the conference results in the referee altering his ruling, the opposing coach will be notified, the revision made, and the time-out shall be an official's time-out. If the referee's ruling prevails, the time-out remains charged to the team requesting the time-out for the conference.
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